general thoughts

important in perfumery: content.

Today’s picture shows you one of a couple of reasons why I did not post yesterday on my blog: I got a lot of work to get done. In this particular case: We got more boxes, and had to kind of reorganize the one room in the “factory” where I store … things. Things being boxes, labels, paper, you name it! Planning stock is not always easy: You never know how much you will need tomorrow, thus I have to plan with some overlap, hoping that the room can hold all the boxes, or flacons. What you see in the picture: It is the left back corner of this room where I store boxed things, it shows you part of the boxes that hold the boxes with the boxes that got delivered to us yesterday.

In a moment, I will head for Belgium, for a meet the press (and perfume lovers), and to get out of this stocking room feels actually very good.

There, in Belgium, I will have to talk about perfumes and me and my perfumery and what makes it special and what is important in perfumery. And as always: I was thinking about this for a while. Thus, with perfect timing, I was sooooo happy that this “problem” is solved. It’s perfect!

This morning in the newspaper:
Asked by a journalist about “what was important in photography”, highly awarded Mary Ellen Mark -highly awarded and well known photographer working in her very way- answered “content”.

Thus, what is important in perfumery? -Content.

And here’s the thing: “Content” has a couple of levels and meanings when we are talking about perfumery. It is just a great answer! Content. ….

I am ready to hit that plane.  Have a great day and see you again over the weekend.