in need of a silicone enhancement

I am in love, unconditional, with my new flacon. We get along very well, and even after days with dozens and dozens of bottles going through my hands while filling and crimping (=sticking the pump onto the flacon) and labeling, we still look at each other in the evening with a smile.

Compared to this relationship, my love for the cover top, the black colored wooden cube, is appreciation, but a bit less passionate. Its visual appearance is all fine. It pleases by its perfect shape, that is (almost) a perfect cube. It is nicely colored, all black and feels woody warm and smells great. But it has this inner life, featuring an o-ring, sitting in a cut out ring inside, that holds it in place over the pump. Sort of. And you know what they say: It is the inner values that matter…

For my gusto, the cover top is a bit too loose, I want it to stick stronger. This guy needs to go to the surgeon and needs a silicon enhancement.

Today, I have a meeting with my Austrian cover top producer,who does a great job, by the way: Providing these cups made from beech wood, in time, in an outstanding quality. Let us see what we can do there!

While I sit in meetings: Take your time and your chances to win a Carillon pour un ange over there on Scent-and-Sensibility (click here to visit Ronny’s blog). Thank you for visiting here and there.