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In need of another card going with shipments

I did not run out of the fragrance PHI-une rose de Kandahar, but I run out of the printed cards with the PHI-bottle illustration that looked like that:

I still have some of the No-14 Noontide Petals illustration cards, but it is about time for a new card, in flyer format, 300 gr per m2.

I might use the air du désert illustration that I did yesterday before packing a bunch of these in the factory. Here’s a detail cut out of the illustration that I did on a cotton aquarell paper, in flyer format. I forgot to sign the illustration. Before getting cards printed, I will have to do that.

Detail cut out of the illustration, showing air du désert, and the moon rising over the desert.

I think two or three things here are important:
First, it is the moon rising over the desert, as I imagined the scent of air du désert marocain in the early evening, laying on a bed in a hotel, with the air from the desert coming in and carrying the scents from the streets of a Moroccan city.

By the way: I love how the colors play there and merge. This detail gives you also an idea about the coarsness, and the structures that you get through the paper, and the way the color is applied.


Second, I use these cards to go with each sample shipment, explorer set shipment and some full bottles shipments. Each card gets signed and gets a “hello” or something.

Third: The next flyer card after this will probably be a Sotto la Luna illustration of Gardenia. But the flacon labels are not ready yet. I guess I will make a Gardenia flacon illustration, featuring “Sotto la Luna” , in summer. We are still waiting for the test run of the labels for Sotto la Luna. … we did the test with the most complex label of the three: Hyacinth, which will be launched in 2015.

So you see: We are getting organized. Sort of.