what's up?

in Russia, exploring birch trees and other treasures

In the parts of Russia, where I traveled for the last week, it was very much autumn already, with snow falling, little bits only, but still. Thus, it was chilly outside and – to be honest- super hot inside, especially in my hotel room, where I was trying to fight the general heating with my local AC as the windows could not be opened, and my room was sort of 30°C. An interesting experience, and the same is true for the entire trip, where I reached highest happiness levels:

Wonderful food. Lovely company. Nice perfume shops where my bottles and scents sit seemingly with a big smile as they are very appreciated. Great cities coming with amazing experiences, cool trips visiting the country side with endless, an here I mean it: endless forests, full of birch trees like you see them in today’s picture, already in their yellow pajama, getting ready for a long sleep over winter.

There was not one day without wonderful experiences and encounters and I am still ashamed by the hospitality of our hosts. Thank you so much, dear Olga and Leisan. You are simply amazing. And I was amazed about the enthusiasm of my Russian perfume loving friends, about the curiosity of the press, the professional patience of the photographers who were waiting patiently until I finally managed to the right smile onto my lips.

And I was amazed about the vitality of the cities, the perfume market in general, the aesthetics that are different there.

So you see: It was an amazing trip and I reached one of many goals for sure. Besides the promotion and getting in touch and showing my appreciation and underlining that I care for my Russian perfume loving vendors and fans, besides all this I had a mission to learn more about this market that grows, still, fast.  I think I have learned enough for the next decision making round.