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Today, I followed the advice coming from my design guru and started working with Indesign, made by Adobe. A company that produces great products, in my humble opinion, for …well…tough prices. But great products they have. So, I did my first steps in this universe that doesn’t seem too unfamiliar, as I work with photoshop and illustrator from time to time, without using the full potential of these, of course. Like most things that I do, I just do, without having really learned them. One fine day, I want to make the next step and get acquainted a bit deeper with these goodies.

I am far from finished, but I picked another picture, that I intend to go with text, little text, mentioning my flacons, made in Europe, by hand mostly -whatever this means when it comes to molten glass- and from colored glass. In great quality. Yep. Today’s blog post picture shows you a detail of this picture. I tried a hero shot, a single bottle, a picture taken frontally, on a white background, but it did not do the job. It looked like all the other flacon pictures that are out there. I think there are about three kind of perfume flacon pictures: Hero shots, flacons with lots of pseudo old decorative things assembled next to them, photoshopped mostly, and flacons with people. Maybe a forth category might be a couple of flacons arranged neatly. Mine would be the last category, but with a factory touch.

I am not sure whether people really care, about hand made, though. When I met friends in retail a while ago, perfume retail, they mentioned to me, that hand made is nice, but most clients do not care. So you wonder, whether people care about the quality of a glass flacon. For me it matters, though, and hence: I add a little text in my going to be brochure.

That was more or less my day. Indesign. Addictive, highly addictive.