what's up?

it's the holidays

So yes: The holidays are approaching. Living in a thanksgiving free context here in continental Europe, I just realized that Thanksgiving, and the interlinked activities of everybody visiting everybody and eating turkey or other delights will delay the delivery of PHI into the shipwire warehouse by a day or two, or three. It will get there, provided that FDA is nice enough to proceed with the inspection of the parcel this week.

This is  a first déjà-vu of things to come: Festivities ahead, last minute wishes, delays, and dreams of all sorts. Like ordering urgent x-mas gifts Dec. 23 and getting them the 24th. So in a sense, it is funny: Although the holidays are nice and a wonderful opportunity to give, and buy and although they are super important for shops,  if you talk to retailers, some of them would just wish the holidays to go away. Because everything is always so complicated and so over excited and often maniac. One told me the other day: Oh let’s just get over with the holidays and go back to normal, please. It is getting too much. And it starts earlier and earlier. ”

Yes, things start earlier these days.

But then there’s this other side to it all. The rituals, like my event in Zurich, called “Duftapero” (scheduled this year for 2014), the lights, the glitter and this one time in the year when we can indulge in luxury, the luxury to give.

Today, we got a bit snow again in Zurich. Perfect to slowly but surely embrace the season.

Today’s picture: Getting ready for the holiday season.