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just entered a blue phase

We have definitively entered our blue phase here at tauerville. Or better said: I have entered my blue phase. Today’s picture(s)’s proof. I switched the plastic gloves brand that we use in the factory when handling bottles, from latex with powder inside to this blue quality, that is latex and powder free. And blue it is!

Yesterday, making samples, me and my still helping two hands from my temporary supporter, we both looked like we are getting ready to cut  out our internal organs. Or do other bloody stuff. We looked so cool. And professional.

Another proof. My latest aquarell. Blue only. real size is 30×20 cm.

I picked a phtaloblue.



20140701s-1And, maybe, I have also entered a blue phase in perfumery. Whatever this means….What scent gives me the visual complement of blue? Hmmmm… lavender isn’t it. Maybe cypress. Ionones, yes. Ionone beta is blue : think the powdery scent of violet. Having worked a bit on two roses the last few weeks, one for sure comes with hints of blue shades. Just  a hint as ionones tend to clog the nose, sort of, but still: ionones and rose go well together. Greetings from here, where we live “la vie en bleu”.