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Kimchi season

The weather has changed. What was 15°C and sunshine is about 5 °C and grey. “Nature is ready for winter”; I thought when hiking the last mile on Friday. I guess every day without snow is another day with a free lunch for deers and birds. After this year’s long and heavy winter they sure deserved it.

I feel that folks around me are getting ready for winter, too. Marketing folks know about us reaching out for the candles, too.  A lot of cocooning related ads, folks nestling down in beds. The weather lady, too. She warned us of rain on Saturday and recommended staying in bed on Sunday.


My winter mood shows more in other activities. And as I have to work on a large (like really large) order: I will spend my next days inside, with bottles and boxes. And: We successfully entered Kimchi making groove (love this stuff! right now a bowl with it is getting ready and ferments on the balcony), bread baking (think loooooooooong predough), and ordering fragrant material. I got more rose Carbondioxide extract from Bulgaria (Rosa damascena). This material IS expensive (think 6000 $ a kg), priced somewhere in between rose oil and rose absolute. It is less rich in Phenylethanol, the major constituent of rose absolue, but contains a lot of molecules that you find in rose oil and is quite waxy. In a sense, it comes very close to the natural rose, closer actually  than a rose concrète (the stuff an absolute is made from). To be honest: I have not really made my mind up what to get done with the rose CO2. It is not easy to work with. A soap might be interesting, though. Think: Really luxurious. Really. Luxurious.

Today’s picture: red leaves on a autumn twig, scanned Saturday, before the rain.