Tableau de Parfums

labels for MIRIAM

Today is going to be an exciting day. I will meet friends and will spend some time cooking.

And in between, I will continue working on labels for MIRIAM, the first fragrance of Tableau de Parfums. The label I am working on right now goes onto the back of every packaging and contains the information on allergens, and the warnings, like avoid spraying in eyes and who actually made the fragrance. The warnings label: To put it into straight words is “Stupidity in four languages”. Folks should not spray anything in eyes, even distilled water, and those who do not know yet are kids who cannot read or adults out of reach of these labels.

It is just one little example of what goes very wrong in our societies since years. And it gets worse. You want a society that has the guts to fly to Mars or to build an empire? Get rid of warning labels.

On a happier note: I got the printing approval for the packaging print yesterday and now the MIRIAM packaging goes into print. There are several packagings: One for the 50ml flacon and one for the 7 ml purse spray and one for the 1 ml samples. Each will have a print on the front “Tableau de Parfums” and a pattern printed on the inside.  When I showed the draft for the first time to my Italian partner, he looked at it and said: “Oh… this is a vintage packaging”.

“Yes”, I replied. “It sure is, equally expensive”. It fits with the perfume MIRIAM perfectly.

Today’s picture: a draft of the inlay pattern