labor day

Tomorrow, I will fly to Rome, to launch Miriam and Tableau de Parfum. This will be fun, but today is labor day and I got up before six to celebrate this day with work. This was an hour and a few mails ago and in a few moments I will leave for the factory, to finish with the Incense extreme where I stopped yesterday. I filled my 200+ bottles and now I will polish them, put the stickers on, the lot information on the bottom and the should sticker, and the beech wood top and then they go into a box and wait patiently until they go into boxes. This should not keep me busy for too long.

I will then make some samples and get home again, to continue here.

So tomorrow:  A cheap flight from Basel, a booking.com special offer for a hotel, a few hours for myself in the evening and then on Thursday, starting at 5pm, there is a get together at via Vittoria, in CampoMarzio’s Essential Gallery. I will present the fragrance, and more important -because in the end everybody can and should make her and his own ideas about the scent- the collaboration with Memphis based movie maker Brian Pera who initiated this whole project and builds a multiverse bringing art of all sorts together. More on this, the latest film projects, fragrance projects and more on evelynavenue.com .

One nice aspect about Rome is: It is about the 20th or so times that I go there. When I was in my twenties, I was going there at least once a year. Back then by train, over night. Thus, I know my way a little bit, where to go for a jog, and my Italian has improved to a level that allows me to order a beer. Well, I guess I could do better there. But then: I prefer to jog in the woods instead of learning Italian grammar.

Happy labor day to you’all!