what's up?

left side of desk


today’s picture shows you part of what is on the left side of my desk, a card, more cards, sample labels that wait to be used patiently, and lists and more lists. One list is an excel print out that reminds me to ship samples and information to my retailing partners. One list is another excel print out that I used to feed the Magento ProductMatrix extension in the test environment of the online shop. This added extension (think “additional features added to an existing software running the online shop where you buy online”) will go live next week. Wednesday. Tuesday, the shop will be down for a while. I was fiddling with the excel yesterday and did tests in the demo test system, trying to come up with a lot of possible combinations and checking whether the shopping cart calculates shipping fees properly. So that’s sort of ready.

The overall goal: Be able to ship samples to more destinations in Europe, Far East. We might not be able to ship full bottles, but at least we can start offering samples again. I will gradually ramp up, serving many, but not all countries. And move on from there! That’s the plan at least. We will see how this turns out after Easter.

Another list is a write down list of things that I should not forget. Sometimes I use apps on the pad, or a “notes” program on the PC, sometimes I write these lists by hand, usually sitting comfortably somewhere with a coffee and trying to bring order in my day/life. Some of these to do items are done by now: Lonestar Memories, Lot No. LMEDT010 is diluted and waits to get ready to go into bottles soon.  Some of these items are not done yet, like a couple of mails and phone calls and putting labels and orders together. But we have the Easter break ante portas….Easter comes at the perfect time this year.

Finally, there is the card, with the flacon No 14 sketch: I got these printed, after  Henri proposed it (in facebook, you may see the picture post and the story there, if you are on facebook). And I must say: I love the way these cards turned out. I got them printed on 380 gr/m2 paper that is not bright white. A nice post card sized piece of paper. I will use them in a draw, shortly. Stay tuned! And I will go back now to my lists. And tomorrow, I will go back to the experimental bottles that you do not see on the picture of this side of my desk. Playground and a reward for working on the lists.