what's up?

less than 5 weeks

It is less than five weeks until many of us will sit under a Christmas tree and enjoy the holidays. I realized it yesterday, when talking to my sister in law and suddenly the holidays were there and with this the question who is going to be when with whom where. The holidays can be a family logistics issue. I guess we will make it more or less like every year.

So I realized: Oups, I need to make soaps for friends and family. And I have to start working on the advent calendar, that is intended to be different than the last few years. And I realized that I do not really have time for that next week. Thus, I got up early and tried to sneak in some holiday preparations before my Sunday jogging torture/exercise. And yes: Now I am sort of in pre-holiday happy mood. Exciting and fun days ahead. I just love this season.

And you know what? We got a tiny little bit of snow overnight. Perfect!

Today’s picture: A flamingo, acrylic, spatula technique, lifting off somewhere in Africa.