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Letters to a fellow perfumer (2)

Back from Grenoble! It was  a bit of a drive down there and back in a day, but true worth it. More on this trip later. There is hope for Tauer in France…

I have perfect reading recommendation for your weekend:
Mandy Aftel and Andy Tauer’s Letters to a fellow perfumer. Continued here on Nathan Branch’s blog.
Letter round 3
Letter round 2
Letter round 1

And we continue putting some perfumes into boxes. And while we do so I have time to think a bit more on the Linden blossom.As you may find out reading letter 2 and 3: I got a first version that seems to hold together. It needs to mature a bit, and we hope it will turn right.

With fragrant greetings, as always: Enjoy your weekend and your reading!

Today’s picture shows you some flacons, pre-polishing state.