what's up?

lines and sketches

Unfortunately, these days see me sitting in front of the computer, facing excel, and not scents. Or I am in the “factory” packing some scents and getting retailer orders ready.  But I have a few scents on, wrist testing phase so to say, and while putting some air bottles into boxes and thinking about the boxes and other logistics issues, there is always time to smell, from left to right and from right to left.

This moment, now on the left: Hyacinth, the -I don’t know which number-th trial. And on the right wrist the fully matured and final scent that runs under the title “aldehydic rose with a woody incense base”. Not a poetic name, I guess. I just checked the formula again: A very complex scent. Some of the more expensive ingredients (not notes) are: Tuberose, rose oil, rose absolute, jasmine,sandalwood from Australia, Irone alpha, Boswellia serrata CO2 extract, … other important ingredients are: Ylang, aldehydes, some bergamot oil, geranium oil, two types of patchouli (one with high Patchoulol content) and a few other. Resulting in a  mix 30 ingredients.

To be frank: I love it. To a point where I am seriously thinking what to do with it. Maybe I have to start another excel, a “what-to-do-with-it”-Excel.

I am testing a 10% dilution, and might think about the dilution factor a bit longer. The same is true for the hyacinth trial (today’s picture shows you another interpretation of the flower, painted on the ipad, more pink than the fragrant sketch). Hyacinth will keep me busy for a while, though.

OK: Time to spritz some fruity rose on another free spot. This one is actually very good, but might need a touch more ambroxan. and maybe a touch more patchouli. We will see. There is time, right?

And now, off for the factory. More air du desert for the world.