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Liquid poetry. Gardenia from Sotto la luna.

My Gardenia is finally online. Samples ship today, full bottles are available with shipment early September.


And I love it. Enjoy and have a great Friday!

I sure do.

“Sotto la luna” means under the moon. I see the solitude of flowers, blooming under a bright moon, secluded from the busy day world under the sun. It is a world that is secluded, private in a sense. The world is sleeping. The busy human world has come to a rest. Flower pods open, alluring the creatures of the night. I see flowers blooming in the light of a celestial body that does not shine itself, but reflects the sun. It is a reminder of the day, a gentle light pouring down from a cold round rock in a frozen galaxy. The moonlight feels like a luminescent fluid poured over a shadow land. The shadows are long and dark.

I see this moment of beauty in an universe that is endless space, expanding into nothingness, indifferent. I see this glimpse of beauty resisting the vortex into nothingness, standing against the blind titans that push our universe.

Sotto la luna is joyful and sentimental at the same time.

With Gardenia as first fragrance in this line, I wanted to capture these images.


When working on the gardenia fragrance, I bought a plant and smelled the flowers, observing their development, realizing how beautifully complex this natural perfume is. When sitting next to my gardenia plant, smelling, making notes, I learned that the gardenia fragrance is different every day. Its notes are the most beautiful during the night, with notes of fresh spices, of roasted coffee beans, of mushrooms in wet moss, creamy sweetness of jasmine, narcotic beauty and the gentle perfume of rose buds, with vibrant woods and balsamic sweetness.

Thus, my gardenia perfume flowers out with a spicy freshness, it matures into a round, gentle green floral perfume reminiscent of a hundred different flowers, it closes with powdery mosses and a creamy floral woodiness that disappears into the night.