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Loretta launch event in Los Angeles

I figured, it is time to make an announcement for the Loretta launch event in Los Angeles at the Scentbar of Luckyscent.

Mark your calender and please come by and stop for a drink and a whiff of the newest release from Tableau de Parfums.

I hope you will be equally excited as we are.


October 19, Friday, afternoon after 4 pm, Scentbar at 7405 Beverly Blvd, 90036 Los Angeles.


I am sure it will be a fun event and a great opportunity to finally meet Loretta, the fragrance, and to talk to Brian Pera, Memphis based movie maker, who created Woman’s Picture, the anthology film inspired by classic women’s films of the thirties, forties, and fifties. And I am sure we get lots of opportunity to smell and talk about the movie characters and how they inspired me to create the fragrances, Miriam (launched 2011) and Loretta.

Loretta visualSee you soon. We are  very much looking forward to.

Please check the Luckyscent events page and register for their newsletter for updates and information on other events.

Thank you.