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Today, I put the last of my first ordered lot labels into the lot label printer. I have a hard time believing, but it seems to be true. We run through 50’000 lot labels since last year, March. For those in you interested in technical details: The printer is a Intermec PF 8t and runs perfectly, every day. I already ordered the next batch. This time, I ordered 100’000 labels. It is always fascinating and frightening at the same time: You think you have tons of xyz , like filled Rose Vermeille flacons and suddenly you realize: Oops. All gone. Suddenly, because I had my fragrant stuff distributed around everywhere and lost partly the overview. The warehouse is about to change this!

Now, let us see how long these 100k lot labels last. At least, they will not use up too much volume in the warehouse. On another happy note: I will meet Susan, Susan from Women’s Wear Daily and we will do a little audio interview at Medieval art&vie, the shop in Zurich, where everything started.Thus, I have to hurry up before hitting the plane for Rome tomorrow.

And to add yet another happy note: Yesterday, perfectly timed, now that the warehouse is up and ready…. the flacons for Tableau de Parfums were delivered.And as folks in Switzerland think, it is fine to call each other at 7 am or so: They were delivered at 7 am or so. I take this as a good omen.

I will see that I can give you some details there next week after Rome. But first things first: Susan and one of those big orders that lead to fast lot numbers depletion.