lot labels

Today, I was so busy that I had no time doing any blogging. I was heavy duty working on packaging concepts with my Adobe Illustrator. The packaging concept is for another project I am working on and I can tell you more about this very exciting development in May. Every day I am getting a bit better there on Illustrator, and by the end of this project I will probably have mastered 40% of its functions.  Amazing what you can do with this piece of electronic logic.

So I spent my day in front of the computer, and will also spend a good part of my night in front of the same computer. I wonder how many gallons of Swiss Alpine water had to flow through a turbine somewhere in the mountains to produce the electricity that I used today. A lot, I guess. Let’s hope it was worth it.

Before getting fixed on my computer, I was piling up two piles of boxes on two palettes in the morning; thew will be traveling through the same mountains right now. Uff! That was my exercise for today.

And before that I was in a last minute effort making a few lot labels. You can see them in today’s picture: They are the lot labels for the upcoming PENTACHORDS, that I will launch in September at Piti. Thus, mark your calendars, because September 10 is the Pity weekend in Florence.  And this year, Piti is going to rock! I am considering to do some prelaunch measures with these PENTA babies that are so special. Thus, I needed a few samples to start with.

It has been a while since I last talked about actually creating a fragrance. It is always amazing again how much time and efforts go into sharing the fragrant babies with the world. But then, to be honest and frank, sharing them is equally interesting and rewarding like creating them.

Before I can go a little bit more into details on the PENTACHORDS -WHITE, _AUBURN and _VERDANT: I need to go for a day to Paris. Thus, I will spend some good 8 hours in the train tomorrow. Time to answer a few e-mails on the go.