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man in a park in Rome

Today’s picture shows you in too small a size a scan copy of a black and white picture that I took in 1988 while visiting Rome for a few days. This is now 24 years ago. It is a picture of men in a park and while searching for it this morning, I realized again how fast time flies and how fast things change. I haven’t done an analogous photo since ages. If you have a facebook account you can have a look at this picture in a touch better resolution on my andy tauer page.

I think there is a different quality in and of analogous photos. Maybe it is imagination, but I feel that looking through the lens of an analogous camera is different than through a digital camera. Maybe knowing that you have to wait for the result, pay for each picture you take, maybe this is part of the difference. The same is true for writing, I think. Writing a letter by hand feels different and the result is different, compared to writing by using a machine interface.

So things change and the way we see the world and talk about it depends on the interface we are using to explore and see.

I send you fragrant greetings, and will be back on this blog after my return from Rome.