what's up?

moan groan or: living in a flower bubble

September. Wow! Already?

That was about the second thought this morning. The first one was: Aechz stöhn, which is Donald Duck German for moan groan. Why? A couple of reasons:

First, it was raining, and dark  when I got up. Can’t do much about that, and as I always say: If you don’t like it, change it!

Then, I did sort of a personal best, jogging yesterday, but you pay the price, the next day.

And then I remembered work, bumping into my aluminum can (a 12 liter drum) with rose vermeille, filtered yesterday, that needs to go into bottles before I go to London next week.

September will be sort of a roller-coaster month, here in Tauerville, that’s for sure.

Here’s part of the roller-coaster uphill ride excitement: Persolaise announced yesterday on twitter the start of a tauer week, on his blog, which is going to be exciting, also for the subject (me). The week started with a look into Persolaise’s archive, 2010.  (link to Persolaise’s archive post). Thus, we are looking forward to reading his blog this week.

Another uphill excitement: I have been working on roses, lately, on all levels and when waking up the other day, I realized that I want to paint another rose. In order to remember this, I did a little sketch in my sketchbook (very little sketchbook actually). fixing what I had in mind: 3D rose.  That would be a nice perfume name, too.

Thus, September will see more roses here.  And we will continue talking about Gardenia. Flowers everywhere. That’s nice, and what I love about what I do. In a sense, I am living in a gigantic flower bubble.

I am not sure yet, whether the part of the downhill riding will be fun. But then: We will see and you can’t do much about that either.