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moon and other impressive sights

The moon yesterday was really impressive. And so was Rome last week. A couple of millenniums at your fingertip, sort of, and a city that is like a living palimpsest. All the churches, former temples, Roman bricks, and Renaissance houses remind in the vanity of beauty and power. All the cardinals and popes and worldly rulers in the glorious paintings in the many churches are dead and silent and in some sense nobody really cares for them anymore. Rome is actually a nice memento that things change, that nothing is made to last and that the future builds on the past.

I talked to a lot of perfume lovers while in Rome and a few strangers. The crisis was on many’s lips. Contrary to a year ago: The crisis has arrived in the heads and this is usually when things start getting worse. But then, if there is something one can learn in Rome, it is that things change, and I am sure that the crisis will be a change for many, too. And a chance. And be it only a chance for society to prove that we care for the young and old and weak and that we are all willing to share and give a part of what we have for the wellbeing of others.

Yes, a few things need to change in Italy, in Europe. And I think it is time to start changing now.

The reason why I was in Rome: I presented Miriam, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series, at Campomarzio 70. You can have a look at how lovely this was in the picture folder of Campomarzio’s facebook site. It was a wonderful evening. We all enjoyed the hospitality of Campomarzio 70 at via vittoria. And we enjoyed the fragrance and the movie story that inspired Miriam.

And I talked officially about art. But I guess that is going to be a topic for tomorrow’s post. Now, it is time to get into gears again and pack perfume. And think about a few design things that are utterly important to me but nobody will care about them anymore in 100 years. Or maybe somebody will?