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more pictures from Rome

Today’s picture to the left: An orange tree in bloom, seen in Rome in a park full of orange trees in bloom. A perfumer’s heaven.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This for sure is true when trying to cross roads there in heavy traffic. If you do it the tourist way, worrying and carefully and not brave enough, then you are not taken seriously and might end up being caught somewhere in the middle. Thus, eyes narrow, thinking “HIGH NOON” and there we go…. The picture below shows you a street close to the Colosseum.

When in Rome, stop watching the nuns. To be honest: I could not. Rome was full of nuns and priests (it always is, but this time there were more) and we bumped into them everywhere. And they were always so cheerful!

We once visited a catholic souvenir shop, where nuns and priests buy their souvenirs, and I learned: nuns go shopping, too.

Rome is simply amazing, but I have said that before… Enjoy!