what's up?

more tulips and more boxes

There we go again: A new week, all fresh and exciting. I will continue there where I stopped last week: Orders from retailers need to get into boxes and onto their way over the alps or the oceans.

Actually, the last few days were simply astonishing.  We got so much going on around here, and with spring exploding into colors and scents, the ZETA launch felt like an all new start. It is about time to move to the new place. Besides having more space to store boxes and bottles and labels, we will get more working space: Benches from here to there. Thus, when working together with the W.-factor, we can build a little production street, like putting the flacon into the boxes, stamping the labels, putting the labels onto the boxes and sealing them. That’s the plan at least. We will see in June. For the time being, the plan is to get the orders out and to travel to three major cities in the next two weeks: London this week, a one day business trip to Paris next week and Rome in 2 weeks.

Time to read and think design and dream a bright future.

Today’s picture shows you an immaculate design of nature: A tulip opening, seen 2 days ago in our garden. Enjoy!