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After yesterday’s post on developments that reach out all the way into autumn 2011: Back down to earth and December 2010. Yesterday, I mixed another lot of le Maroc pour elle, and I am still in some sort of rose and jasmine paralysis. Le Maroc means: Pouring the rose absolute in amounts that make my bookkeeper weep and me smile as I love, love roses. Actually, I am using two roses in the Le Maroc. The Bulgarian rose absolute and the Moroccan rose absolute.  As long as I can, because the Moroccan rose absolute is a bit tricky to get.

Other highlights when mixing Le Maroc pour elle: Sandalwood from Mysore, Jasmin from Egypt. In total: 14 naturals in a mixture of 23 ingredients, naturals being also lavender, Mandarine, lemon grass, tolu balm, incense, cedar wood from Atlas, petit grain from Morocco ….

In a sense, le Maroc pour elle is the most “natural” perfume in my line. Anyhow, today sees us doing a lot of stuff. Meeting the design gurus later in the night, and

finishing the soaps for my beloved apothecary  (just a few more to go), pouring Orange Star into flacons, pouring the all natural botanical cologne LE COLOGNE DU MAGHREB into flacons which will push La maroc from its top position in terms of naturalness. I was asked by Persolaise, why this cologne is all natural. And I said: ” because there is not need to go for synthetics there.” I find it beautiful enough.

And yes: LE COLOGNE DU MAGHREB is poured into “old design” flacons and will end up in the advent calender. Thus, stay tuned or tune in again at the latest in December.

Today’s picture shows you the last drop coming out of a 250 ml rose absolute aluminum bottle, taken yesterday.