general thoughts

new year, new perfume

Welcome to 2020! I hope that you had a fabulous start into a fabulous 2020.

I sure did, spending some time under a fantastic blue sky in the mountains. Down here in Zurich, there is a thick cloud of fog on top of us. Up there: it is warm and sunny and peaceful. So, I am ready now to continue my ventures. Last year was good. I do not know when, but I found some time to work on some new ideas, too. I rarely talk about it because I do not want to feed expectations too much.

This year, I want to continue where I stopped last year: creating perfumes. Last year, I went back in time and proposed Les Années 25 BIS, a vintage inspired perfume. This year, fingers crossed, if all goes well, will see me proposing an avant-garde kind of perfume. Or better said: a fragrance that I have not done yet  in the past, not even vaguely. Right now, I am also feeling that it is one of the longest lasting creations that I ever came up with. I am adding the last touches there.

My goal is to propose this perfume by late spring 2020.

Now, before I go busy again in 2020: let me finish by saying thank you to all of you for your support and enthusiasm. Merci!