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not made for human beings

After the usual Sunday jog and the obligatory near death coma afterwards, I read- as always, the Spiegel on the ipad last Sunday,  and an interview with computer pioneer Jaron Lanier about the internet capitalism and the imminent dangers there.

Worth reading, in German, though.

In a subtle way it was water on my mill: Social media are not made for human beings.

Later in the evening, in the house of Tauer, we watched a talk show, sound on, in the small screen and the soccer match, without sound, on the rest of the screen. I watched the talk show about politics, but honestly: I was sort of lost there. I have a hard time listening to people talking about politics and seeing men following a white little round thing in the background, at the same time. Yes, I admit: No soccer fan here….(me). And, typical man: Not much of multitasking when it comes to TV.

While getting lost in confusion between men running and politicians talking, Whatsapp beeped on the phone. Picking up the phone, I realized that I got 8 new friends requests on facebook. Rosita from Belarus. About 110% of all FREE SAMPLES please! come from Belarus these days (no offense to any Belarus inhabitant and perfume lovers). Thus, the Shakespeare question: Accept friendship or not?I mean: Do I know Rosita? And where is Belarus? There is no war going on in Belarus, hence we are excused not knowing details, right? Shame on me…..Actually, I think I know where Belarus is, and I was told it is a nice country. Thus, yes, Rosita, friendship accepted.

One minute later, How are you? From Rosita. OK.

Scrolling down, I come to a TOP 5 summer launches post, by one of the worlds most influential guys when it comes to new molecules and stuff. Published book author. Running a FB page. Thus, one of the top five is a scent where he was engaged heavily in designing and optimizing the formula, giving a helping hand to a micro niche house. Not that it matters, really, but on a more basic level: How cool’s that? OK.

My phone sends me a text message while my politicians discuss the state of affairs of my pension plan. No future there.

The email blings. Amazon realized that I was searching for glossy printing paper yesterday. OK. They have printing paper, too.

“Je ne peux plus”, I said to the W-factor (watching soccer). Since the ex of France’s Premier Minister went to the hospital after she found out that he was dating another woman (Mr. Holland, on a scooter, which I found so French and so nice, in a twisted way… I mean imagine an US president dating a girl friend, driving to her apartment with a scooter..) , and since it was said in the newspapers that she said “je ne peux plus*, since then I use it. Lessico famigliare. Love it. It is such a great first world statement.

“Je ne peux plus”, I said.

“GOAL! “, I got back.

“Look at the lovely rainbow outside”, I replied. ” the colors , so bright. not a full one, but beautiful”. We both watched it. I took a picture. For facebook.