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NZZ and see you soon

Fragrant greetings and thank you for visiting! I think this is the last post for about two weeks: I will be travelling for two weeks and it might well be that I don’t post on my blog. As always, before leaving, there is a plenitude of things to get done. This time, it was really, really a lot of things to get under control and make sure that all is on its way and running smoothly before leaving.

On one hand, I got a couple of large restocking orders after the holidays that needed my attention. We also met with a dangerous goods expert (perfumes are dangerous goods from an air freight perspective) and managed to get a first FEDEX shipment out to the US this week. Before that I got a deal with FEDEX that allows me to ship larger parcels for a reasonable price to the US. Large meaning 50 bottles or more. “Reasonable” meaning much more than before, but still in  a range that you can pay for. Or rather: That I can pay for. Packaging gets a bit special, and there are extra papers needed that come with a price tag, too. Thus, overall, things work, but on a more complicated and more pricey level.

Thus, soon, my fragrances will be available in the US again. By February, that’s the plan at least, also through my website. I am looking very much forward to starting this process. For the time being, I need to ask you for two more weeks patience. Right now, there are a first batch of tauer flacons on their way to the US, for a serious, thorough test.

Besides this shipping things, I was busy coming up with some design decisions and making sure that all my suppliers  go to work and know what I want. Or not. I am soooooo looking forward to the modified packaging that I will introduce with the new fragrance, NOONTIDE petals, scheduled for some when in March: New scent, new box, and a softer and more elegant shell, and some changes in the labels and extras: The goal here is to be as flexible as possible to adjust to unforeseen changes and demands. Super flexible….. The rest is “Surprise, surprise”.

Thus, tonight, I take of, for a “secret” mission (sounds great,doesn’t it?) and leave the land where we are bringing home colorful tulips from the Netherlands in order to shorten the waiting  for spring: Zurich is under a thick, heavy snow blanket and it got pretty cold. But before leaving: I need to dilute some experimental scents that I am playing with, need to get some samples done for the stock here in Zurich, and ah, yes, pack the bags.

While I do so: Here is a link to a lovely article in the NZZ of today, in German, featuring four niche perfume houses from Switzerland, click here for the link to the article that luckily is also available online. So nice, enjoy!