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Olivier Durbano

OK. Back again.

The new kids in town, ROSE VERMEILLE AND EAU D’ÉPICES, are online and as always, I tend to forget the implications like an e-mail box filling ah! and oh!’s and ???. I guess I am a lucky guy these days. Furthermore, we had to do an open heart surgery kind of thing on the newsletter that is scheduled to leave the house in a second… the patient survived, but we needed a stent. Unfortunately, we were not able to convince Magento, the software behind the Tauer Perfumes’ website, to send the newsletter out. Thus, my helping IT guys had to  find a way around, with me in the background whining and begging and forgetting that there are more important things in life.

OK, back again, still thinking Florence (pasta!) and scents seen @Florence…. hmmm: A tough one, I feel like I need to make a few comic strips on that one).

A few were actually good, worth trying. Let us talk about these. Olivier Durbano’s latest was for sure one of them. Olivier is with the same super trooper distributor in Italy, Guido from Profumimport, and our stand always feels like family. A family of noses, perfumers, that care for what they do and each other. Thus, Olivier showed his newest kid in town, too. It is a truly stunning rose, he uses a lot of the most expensive rose oil, and came up with a rose that is truly original, spicy and floral, but never sweet or cloying or soapy. Stunning and very, very wearable for men and women.  You find a recent review on it on Sorcery of Scent by Dimitri. Bottom line: A rose like you do not find it anymore these days, except with a few artisanal perfumers. Available soon from Olivier Durbano and in shops that care for artisanal perfumery, such as

Must try.