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on bars and code and soap

this post is about to seduce you and introduce you to the wonders of bars and codes.  No, I am not talking about codes that act like tags when it comes to perfumes. Like white musk=”inoffensive little thing  for the office”, or spices=”for men without really being spicy” or other funny notes that actually do not exist except in the mind of some PR guys.  On the side: If you feel like writing the ultimate perfume PR, make sure to visit Now Smell This and enter your contribution to the “PRIX EAU FAUX 2012”. I like this competition a lot.

No, I am talking serious codes. Bar codes. I got mine since a while, but never used them. Or better said: I am registered with GS1 in Switzerland and got my Tauer bar code with a set of 1000 numbers. Thus, there is still some room for new products. The bar code is a 13 digit EAN-13 code. The code for the air du désert marocain, 50 ml , edt you see in today’s picture. Bar codes come in handy for many things. And some retailer need them and want them. Like Jovoy in Paris, where you will soon find my brand, and where I will travel a couple of times this year. Which is nice (both) and for sure worth a few more posts in the future. Right now, I do not print the code directly onto the packaging labels, but as I am completely changing everything, or rather optimizing a few packaging issues within the next 12 months, you will see the bar codes on new labels in about a year from now. For the time being, I have individual labels printed. I got all the bar code pictures yesterday, and made all sticker bar code pictures ready.

And had the computer crash in regular  intervals. Time to get a new one, I fear. Or rather hope.  I want a Mac.

Ah, and yes, this post is about more bars. Soap bars. A much more sensual thing that bar code.  I was fiddling for quite a while on a fragrance for a special, very special soap bar. In the mean time, the fragrance mixture is a perfume by itself. Not that I will start selling soap bars. No way. But I wanted a scented soap bar that is a little bit beyond the ordinary. For a special occasion. I think I got the formula right and stable now. The soap bar with the fragrance was stored for a while, and is in use since a few days in the house of tauer. I cannot pass by the bathroom without smelling. Fingers crossed that all goes like we plan it and that the soap bars will see the world beyond my bath room.

Notes are: Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose.