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on communication

These days, as I have a lot of fragrances to pack, I have some time to think. Less time to write, unfortunately. While packing, I look into some phenomena that I find worth thinking about and I dare sharing one or two with you. I came to the conclusion that Facebook is boring and rather annoying. I am amazed about the amount of nothingness happening there. And I wonder how investors can spend so much money to be invested in it.  But then, the Golden Sachs boys did a few other odd investments the last few years…

I considered my facebook appearance an experiment and I am not sure whether it is a pleasant experience so far.I am considering changing my presence there to a simple fan page. To be decided….I feel that 2011 will be year where communication is goint to be king for me.

Next to communicate: I look closely into a few perfumes and I need to write a piece on one of them. You would not believe how difficult this is, especially if the perfume is a top notch 5 stars fragrance.

Finally, I start thinking about how to communicate on the Carillon pour un ange, a fragrance that will start selling in many perfumeries this spring. By the way: you find a lovely recent review on the Olfactoriatravels blog. Right now, it is exclusively sold by Luckyscent and in my shop. In March-May 2011 it will be available as part of the HOMMAGES Line. I want to create some PR for this fragrance. Difficult!

It is amazing how important words are when dealing with perfumes.