what's up?

on dogs and bitrex

Today’s picture comes with quite some “jöhh!”-factor. A dog seen in France, at an auberge where I stayed for two nights. The dog belongs to the “Auberge Ferme” where I sketched the front place, published on Evelyn Avenue the other day. It is just a nice photo of a hungry dog watching for what happens inside. Otherwise, to be honest, there is not much exciting to tell you. Except maybe that I got my alcohol delivered. Another piece in an seemingly endless logistics chain. And it is always a pleasant moment, as the Alcosuisse service is super reliable and more than fast. It is like supre sonic fast. Ah, and yes: The quality of alcohol, ethanol, that I am using for my scents is Bitrex denatured ethanol. Bitrex is a molecule that tastes bitter but comes with zero smell. No phtalates in my fragrances. I think that’s kind of important. And no artificial color. Not that -as regular gummy bear eater- I would mind artificially colored up goodies, but I think they way I create my scents, it does not really make sense. And in blue bottles you do not see any pink or yellow or green or violet or red color anyhow. Furthermore, if you are using rose absolute, for instance, in significant amount, you will always get a nice color. But that is another story. Right now, I am printing the labels that I will use, as soon as they are printed, in the factory and the rest of the day will see me there. Interrupted from time to time by the perfect distraction that there is: Facebook, with many similar pictures of dogs and cats and other animals, the cuter, the more photoshopped…