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on labels and stickers

In a previous post I learned in the comments section that I forget from time to time to outline simple but important things when it comes to what I do.

OK, there we go: Everything you get from tauer is hand made in Switzerland by… tauer. Actually, it says so on every sample and every box. But I guess it is quite rare to have one guy doing it all. Thus, all you get is composed, created and hand made by myself, here in Zurich. Only a few brands work like me, trying to stay connected to what they produce, through all stages of the production process. Of course, there is a limit of what you can do yourself. And I am at the edge of reaching this point. But then, in the future, everything might be hand made by myself and a helping hand.

Anyhow, we put all labels  on the flacons etc. by hand. I made a little still life for the Carillon pour un ange, to the left: You see the metal box with the label going around it, sealing it and labelling it. I get these in roles of 500 pieces and need to order a lot of them. One of my other challenges these days: Keeping all these stocks of labels and bottles and boxes.

You see the simple batch number labels, in the middle of the picture, stripes of black and white: I print these myself as all the batch numbers change frequently. You find batch/lot numbers on every flacon, every box, and every sample vial. Thus, if needed, I can trace down every sample or flacon: I can basically follow every drop of perfume down to each lot of raw materials used in its production.

There is another sheet with labels, lying under the role with the large Carillon labels. These sheets contains information about the pentagonal metal box: “Pentagonal box produced under the license of Sweet Memories Establishment, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.”

I produce the box in a license model, as the pentagonal metal box is a protected design. Talking protection:  “tauer” is a registered trademark, the tauer logo is protected and so is the flacon, in Europe and the US. But this is another topic, …an endless story!

Have a fragrant weekend everybody!