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Friday evening, when I left Jovoy, THE window for niche in Paris, I passed over the main street along Jardin des je-ne-sais-plus quoi, watched the sky and saw the most admirable rainbow. Being totally down to earth, usually, I do not really care about signs and symbols, but I nevertheless said to myself:  well, I guess , that’s a good sign.

rainbow over Paris

I tried to make a quick picture while passing over the 4 lane road…a risky venture. But the Paris  guys and girls drive suuper attentively.

Thus, let’s hope it is a good sign! The press day at Jovoy was super, super intense, but totally thrilling. It was the first time that I presented the scent Noontide Petals, in the new packaging and I never really met the French / Paris beauty press. The new packaging for Noontide: you see it in the picture going with today’s post. In the course of 2013, slowly but surely, most of my scents will go into this new packaging, that is easier to pack, easier to ship, easier to stock and looks… well: More elegant.

Thus, I spent a full day, talking Noontide Petals, in French, rusty French ( olàlà: I need more practice) and was super happy. Noontide Petals was well received. And so was I at Jovoy: well received. Here’s a big thank you to the many helping hands at Jovoy, and if you, dear reader, ever are in the area: Make sure to visit this wonderful boutique, right in the heart of Paris: Here’s the link to Jovoy’s website again. Their selection is amazing.

And now, back in Zurich, I get through the last most urgent things, like putting Noontide Petals online in my own online shop, and packing the suitcase. In some hours I am on my way west again. Time to take a deep breath and calm down for a few days there, in LA, and Joshua Tree, before moving on. And trust me: I am looking very much forward to moving on.

Bottomline: All is absolutely fine here. Noontide Petals is out, you can get it at Luckyscent (where you have the chance to win a full bottle, too. Just check out their latest newsletter for the HOW to enter), on my site and soon in May in many places more in Europe.

And, believe it or not: Spring is here in Zurich. Finally. Jogging in 20°C plus. I guess right now, everything is as good as it can possibly get. àWith fragrant greetings, enjoy your Sunday!