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On rumors: Tauer attends Pitti Fragranze 2013

It will be in 4 month sharp that I will be at Pitti Fragranze 2013, on a stand organized by and  together with my distributor Profumimport. I mention this here, and will continue doing so a couple of times, as I learned that there are rumors spread in Italy that I won’t attend this year’s Pitti Fragranze show. I personally think that rumors are actually worse than lies. The internet is filled up with both. Unfortunately, the internet of rumors still misses the flush button.

So there we go: Of course, I will attend Pitti Fragranze, and I am very much looking forward to watching the sunset over one  of the bridges over the Arno again, and in order to do so, I reserved the hotel already.

Thus, my Italian distribution partner, profumimport, and me started discussing how to present my products this year. You know: What picture. What installations. What scents to focus on. I think this is very important, the longer the more, as we communicate core values through images and the way we present ourselves at this fair.

This year, yes, this year, I would really like to make a point, when presenting my scents and myself. I discussed this also a lot in Bucharest with perfume lovers and and whoever was interested recently. And I got the question a lot from journalists, in Bucharest and other places.  People and perfume lovers and journalists and retailers trying to save their shops against the constant erosion by Marionaud and Sephora et al. and brand owners get the longer the more confused about what is happening in perfumery, also there, where niche actually started, in Italy

Roberto Drago, founder and creative mind behind Laboratorio Olfattivo, who is very knowledged and who is in this fragrance universe since many, many years, brought it up to the point: We see the end of the Italian niche market coming. What we experience is the beginning of a new secession,  and we have yet to find out how we are actually going to name it and how are working our way into and through it. Niche 2.0 was the term he used. I hope it will be an artistic renaissance.

Things got very confusing. The messages sent to the market got so messed up that even retailers and consumers often do not know anymore what small scale, artistic, artisanal, passionate actually means. And yet, when I talk to perfume lovers, it really matters to them: So many perfume lovers got tired of seeing everything everywhere being praised as the very special and unique scented experience.

Thus, when asked by the journalists, what makes artistic perfumery special, and how to find it, I recommended: Ask who created the scent (I am not talking about who supervised it), and then ask who actually produced it, where,  and where it got packed. And then ask yourself where you might find it, and what the consequences in terms of numbers are. And wonder if and where you see ads and what kind of ads. This way, you end up with a coordinate system that might guide you if you search artistic perfumes.

So I am preparing slowly but surely for Pitti Fragranze. Trying to answer visually and subliminally the above questions, hoping that the message gets across.