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on y va

You remember how I sort of complained about how difficult France is for artisanal and niche perfumery? And how I went to secret missions from here to there?

Finally, good news and a bright sky above us. My scent babies go to Grenoble. Yes. Imagine! Last Friday I visited LM.Parfums, or in other words la première avenue boutique, right in the center of Grenoble, 6 rue Guétal. There, after buying sneakers for the W.-factor who was nice enough to join me and to translate later, there we did a quick presentation of what tauer means when it comes bottled.

And now, a fat 25 kg parcel sits next to me and waits for the truck to Grenoble.

Thus, la France pour la parfumerie artisanale existe. And we only hope that the strike will not affect the truck driver tomorrow.

The picture shows you a bit of a French sky, taken during my biking holiday in the Grenoble region.