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Oriental carpet

After yesterday’s comments on folks biting nails and sweating in anticipation of scent No12-EAU D’ÉPICES (which will, by the way, hit the shelves in 50 ml flacons, as part of the CLASSICS line, after September), I feel sort of motivated to pour and crimp No. 12.  Yesterday, the spicy water got a filtration finish. Not much to filter, though!

There are fragrances that are a pain to filter. It is the resins like Tonka resin, or vanilla CO2 extracts, or concrètes like rose concrète that a trouble makers. Rose concrète is a good example: This is the stuff that you (they) produce by extracting rose petals with organic solvents. These organic solvents dissolve the aromatic molecules and a lot of natural waxes out from the rose petals. When the organic solvent is distilled off, the concrète, a waxy resinous mix is what you end with. This concrète can then be extracted with ethanol, leading to the absolute, leaving the waxes off, and some of the fragrant molecules. Hence, the concrète is sort of closer to the original than the absolute.And so is the CO2 extract. A concrète is heaven to smell, but hell to work with, except for soaps or solid perfumes or perfumes on oil base.  Actually, a rose soap with rose concrète would be soap heaven, for sure…

Anyhow: The scent No 12 is ready, sitting in its 12.5 liter can waiting to be pushed (I have a 10 liter manual liquid dispenser for that) into flacons. The picture, by the way, shows you a detail shot, looking from the bottom upwards – kind of a flacon perspective-  into the crimping mechanism of my manual flanging (crimping) tool. The little metal dents fix the pump onto the glass of the flacon. Overall: A wonderful, highly repetitive work. Perfect for a meditative day dream on an oriental carpet with lots and lots of spices.