paper work

Next week, hard to believe right now, I will be in LA and on October 7 we will all get together to officially launch Miriam at Luckyscent’s scentbar, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series. Thus, it is urgent time to get things organized that need to be done beforehand.

One of these: Finally mix an new batch of Le Maroc pour elle. For this I needed to order a lot of raw materials because I run low on a lot of ingredients: Rose absolute, Jasmine absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, Petitgrain, lavender, lemongrass, patchouli and more. Today’s picture shows you what I am doing right now, in a second from now: filing certificates of analysis from Essencia, such as the rose absolute damascena, from Bulgary. It goes into one of two ever growing filing folders for future reference. I am keeping these certificates for years. And they tell me interesting things, such as: My rose absolute was produced in 2009, and it contains 0.6% Farnesol E-E-, and 1.7% Eugenol and alike. Comes in handy when coming up with EU allergen declarations.

All amounts of what I got as new stock goes into another large excel file where I have a growing list of all raw material quantities and prices that I use for production. Thus, if done properly and if adjusted when mixing, I have the overview of my raw materials at one glance. Otherwise, I would be lost.

What I am also doing right now: evaluating new suppliers and new raw materials for further developments. At least on paper, and email, asking for conditions etc. In a sense, I am planning there for beyond 2013, looking for new inspiration and new tools for existing ideas. The W.-factor said a few minutes ago: ” Sehet die Vögel des Himmels; sie sähen nicht und sie ernten nicht, doch Ihr himmlischer Vater ernähret sie doch.” (Mat. 6/26,Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. )

I guess the message is not to worry too much and take the future as it comes. I will try. But I want those goodies….