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Here’s a picture of a peach; the flat variety, delicate to transport, but much more aromatic than the round, ordinary peaches. The season started (south of Switzerland, not here as they do not grow well here) and I just couldn’t resist publishing a quick camera picture here. Of course, peach is also a perfumery note, and I used peach as note in a scent or two, too. Reverie au jardin, for instance, features a tiny dash of a yummy peach note. I used peach in a couple, especially one pipeline scent. That’s a scent that is not launched but sits in the Excel, waiting for its chance to get out into the material world.

Right now, the pipeline is filled and hence also clogged. As teasing it feels to me to launch and launch and launch: The balance of how many scents come when is important.  And then, right now, I am sort of busy here with PHI-une rose de Kandahar (that actually features another fruity note: Apricot. And that note is natural, from Robertet). I really, really, really need to bring back PHI une rose de Kandahar in September as I am saying no: Out of stock! for months now.

That’s why I am a bit silent recently on facebook etc. PHI, and Air, and more needs to get onto the shelves.

Usually, peach is not natural, when mentioned as perfume note, but there are natural extracts that you can get from Robertet (here’s the web page, but there are no details, really).

How it smells? Well,… think: peach “schnapps”. Good. But the natural apricot was better.