Pentachords launch and video

first things first: It was a great Pentachords launch event and party in Rome last Friday. My thanks go to Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria for their support and for their organization.

I enjoyed it so much so to get together with perfume lovers and see their reactions, smelling the pentachords line. As the fragrances are quite a different take on perfumery -compared to the rest of my line- this was thrilling. And I feel: The pentachords are loved. Especially White. I think this is going to be a lot of perfume lovers favorite. We will see.

Right in time with the launch, published the long and great video on the pentachords, where I explain in some details what the pentachords are all about and why I care for them.

On a side note:  The other day I realized on that indeed I will have brought two entire new lines inside the brand with 4 fragrances this year. And in some comments they wondered why these launches. Sometimes I wonder, too. But then, I feel that my perfumes are very unique and interesting. Let me be modest: At least I launch fragrances that are interesting. And I have them in my mind and in my excel. Why not launch them? I rebuilt my entire brand to be a bit more presentable and even more important, I rebuilt my brand’s packaging to be more effective allowing me to produce more without going big in numbers of people working for me.

Thus, if I can launch them: Why not do it?

Here’s the link to the video  on the extrait website. The video is in English, the text is in Italian.

And now, back in Zurich, we are back to normal. Which means: Pack and box and pour…happy and all by ourselves (W.-factor and me).