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Perfumes are romantic escapes

Today’s blog post title comes from Ursula, who left it in her comment on my latest post on packaging.

Perfumes are romantic escapes.

I like that. A lot. Maybe, from a creator’s point of view, perfumes are a bit less romantic, but for sure the perfect escape. Like last Thursday, when instead of working seriously in the factory, I ended up for a while escaping and drolling in essential oils and formulas, mixing yet another version of what is supposed to become a gardenia one day. Thinking new perfumes, notes, lines, accords, colors and shapes is the perfect escape indeed. The world disappears in fluffy clouds of soft leaves, sweet roses, indolic jasmine and spicy tuberose.

Guess what: This is what I will head for today, at least for a few hours. Later you will find Andy in tauerville, boxing some MIRIAM, and preparing samples for the upcoming Loretta launch activities.

I send you fragrant weekend greetings from behind fluffy scented clouds.