making of

petals in early April

Today’s picture shows you what we do these days and what we for sure will do in March 2013: Crimping tauer flacons (sealing the pump onto the flacon). It was a quick phone shot, showing you a hand (W.-factor, in rubber gloves), a flacon and the manual crimping tool that is – by the way- not dirty, but greased. I am to the left, filling the juice into the flacons using a manual dispenser, dispensing 53 ml and putting the pump on. For those new to the blog: The W.-factor helps sometimes when I have too much work and cannot handle orders or production routines alone any more. So you see: We are a 1.5 men company.

After crimping, we put the lot labels on, polish the flacons a bit, add the other label on the shoulder and the cap and then the bottles go into  boxes, 72 pieces each, for later boxing. Fillling bottles sounds more exciting than it actually is.

I mentioned NOONTIDE petals yesterday, on the side, without much thinking, and also mentioning Q2 (=somewhen between April and June) as time period of its appearance. I did not really realize that Q2 sounds like eternities away, as in my universe, Q2 is around the corner. Almost there. And for me, Q2 actually means end of March/early April. The scent will be ready a bit earlier, though. I expect it to be mixed mid of December, and hence it is ready to go into bottles by about March. I will give it two months maturation time: One month as concentrate and one month as dilution. Thus, chances are good that by early April we will finally meet again talking about NOONTIDE petals and you will know what I mean when I talk about some its and bits there.

Right now, I find it utterly difficult to describe this upcoming scent. Once reason: It is a new planet in my tauer solar system and it is a bit special. I think it does not really compare to anything I have done so far. Thus, I have a hard time explaining what it is all about and maybe it is better not to try at all beyond: bright floral woods.

I decided for “NOONTIDE petals” as name a while ago. Noontide because I like this oldfashioned word so much and see a close fit with the way I see the scent. petals because there are a lot of flower petals in it. From a composition point of view this is rose absolute and essential oil , geranium, too, but this does not count as petals as the essential oil is mostly steam distilled leaves, jasmine absolute, ylangylang and tuberose absolute. A caveat: These are not the notes. These are just ingredients, some of the natural extracts. I would describe the note that these flowers and other ingredients bring about rather as “bright white flower petals”.

Anyhow: The name … I like it. Also because it allows me to move on, if I wish, with other versions: Think NOONTIDE breeze, or NOONTIDE shadow. But here is a promise: There will never be a NOONTIDE sport. Although, hmmmm. maybe I should reconsider this, shouldn’t I?