what's up?

play time

Tolu balm will be part of my play time in a second. It is Friday afternoon and after a busy week I figured I must become a bit more playful and fragrantly start an excel and calculation dominated weekend. Calculations are for Tableau de Parfums and whether I like it or not: I have to come up with prices there.

Tolu balm is, by the way,  about 20% Benzyl benzoate, which ifself smells balsamic, and somewhat fruity.  Tolu balm smells balsamic, like an spicy vanilla and warm cinnamon bark.  Other bottles on the table today: Vanilla CO2 extract, Benzoin CO2 extract, lavender CO2 extract, bergamot, rose oil, bay leaves, orange peel oil, cistus steam distilled, some styrax resinoid,  and many, many more.

Happy mixing ahead!

I wish you a lovely and fragrant weekend. Enjoy!