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poison pour les poissons

Continuing there where I stopped last week: Today’s pictures shows you a snapshot, dated from last week, taken on my mixing bench in the studio room. Mixing of eau d’épices. You see: We mix the eau d’épices fragrance for you, by hand, working with the oils and resins and powders, combining them in a large container and then let them sit for a month, to mature and get ready for dilution.

Ambreine is the stuff in the large aluminum bottle, with the red label, saying “fish poison”…By the way: Ambreine is an all natural extract from Cistus ladaniferus and I am not really sure whether it is a danger for the environment. I guess it is if you pour 10 liters down the sink. As always: It is the amount that matters.

In French fish poison translates to “poison pour les poissons” which is kind of cool. I love, love, love French, but I find it so hard to speak. I guess I need to train myself for a day or so when back from London next week.

Because, because… I  go and visit Grenoble in France in 2 weeks.