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post 800

WordPress tells me that this is post 800 since I switched platforms. 200 more and we got a thousand. Yes!

Today’s picture shows you a less “yes!” picture: bunch of yellow narcissi, based on a 5×5 cm little picture from the watercolor class, wet in wet, as our teacher told me “you have to try it again and again and again…”. So there we go again. But it is very tricky. All the factors playing in there, the paper, its wetness, the structure of the paper, the color, the brush, you name it.

But I will soon switch to other illustration modes again. This wet in wet thing gets a bit tiring, to be honest.

In my perfumery days and weeks and months I -happy me!- can switch from one activity to the other, too. Not every day/week/month I feel like composing. Somethings notes and failures just go on my nerves and I prefer to fiddle with other stuff. Rearranging bottles. Or working on new concepts, but not the perfumes. Or revisiting old trials that sit on the bench, a while ago labelled as “failures”. Quite often, when revisiting, these failures actually look better than before.

Maybe it is because they really got better maturing (I doubt this, though) or because the perspective is different. Sometimes, time really helps. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Right now, I am sniffing an amber trial that I did two weeks ago.. Yes, I think it can go into dilution. I have no plan, really, yet: I guess I was just reaching out for notes that are perfect in winter. Warm “reminding in incense”  labdanum, comforting vanilla, balsamic benzoin, floral woody happiness of sandalwood. If you wonder what “amber” means: Here’s the perfect article about amber in perfumery on Perfumeshrine. Enjoy!