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procrastination and early onset project related insomnia

Good morning to you all from Zurich. Here, early onset “age related insomnia” kicked me out of bed. Actually, it is less age related but more project related. In that sense, we function perfectly here in tauerville. The more projects we’ve got running, the less we sleep, because we are very excited. So there we go: Early out of bed means more time, also time to procrastinate. The other day, I learned on TV that basically I am a “structured procrastinator”: This means that my procrastination is sort of positive.

This morning procrastination excursion: A 15 minutes sketch on the pad (see today’s picture going with this post), using an app that I haven’t used so far, adobe ideas. Not bad. Nice about it: You can sketch and come up with ideas and later work on the files in photoshop. For this sketch I did not use a pen, but my fingers, but soon, very soon my friendly Fedex man will bring me a new pen toy. The goal here: Have a pressure sensitive pen for the pad when flying over Russia’s endless planes.

Ok: What’s next after this little detour in the house of tauer? Yesterday was the last day of the Explorer Set introduction discount and maybe it was this or just the idea of a set, but we shipped a lot of sets. Thus, I will need to fill some more 15 ml flacons today. First we have to get the online shop orders out, though. Then, I need to work on a couple of logistics issues: We have one large  parcel that is lost in space, circling forth and back between Zurich and Croatia, since weeks and with every step in between, things get more complicated. It is right now on its second way back from Croatia. Add this to an obviously completely over-strained supporter on the shipper’s side and you have the perfect mix for a depressive episode every morning when checking the track and trace. The corresponding mails that go forth and back have been escalated to the European headquarter and the list of recipients grew to 8 recipients. Not that this would make things easier. In the mean time, I think this shipment is so going wrong that it had entered funny territory. I am tempted to just do nothing and see what happens. How many times can this parcel possibly jingle forth and back before it disintegrates?

Anyhow: Other highlights today will be talking to suppliers who seem to have fallen into some sort of stasis. Obviously, some suppliers think that by pretending to be dead, lying there on their back, paws up in the air,  things would get better. Ah well. Time to kick them. Not my core competence, really.

But here’s the treat of today: I decided yesterday, after meeting with my design guru, that I want to decide today how to present sotto la luna® within the tauer family of scents. It is about time.