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this week was a communication week. For sure. Maybe it was almost a bit too much. Thus, when jogging yesterday, I was thinking that most of the stuff that I talk all day long is not really important. And that if I could only communicate 500 words a day I would for sure come up with more relevant things to say. The ease and speed of our communication does not really add quality to what comes out. Thus, today will be a day with limited communcation. Just a few words.

Instead, I am looking forward to doing the real thing: Mixing fragrant trials. I think I mentioned “gardenia” a couple of times. Here, things are on hold as I need to wait to the last trial’s maturation. I should give it another week or so. On my way to this last version, I sort of cheated, not giving the various versions enough time: I was confident to see and feel the mistakes in the formula before maturation… But the last version demands my patience now.

Thus, no gardenia mixing today, but …. I think I will head forward and put my hand on the tuberose absolute and see what I can get done there.

I wish you a lovely October weekend. Enjoy!

Quack !