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reflecting reality

If you want to a perfect copy of reality in 2D, then use “mindless photography”, or better even:  a scanner. That’s reality pure, with a twist, though as it is focused in a very narrow range. Drawing is about reflection and painting how YOU see things. Actually, if you take photos and if you do it with your mind in mode SET ON, and if you reflect and think about the photography before taking it: Photography is also how you see things.

Yesterday, I spent another 2, 3 hours with the banana peel. Unfortunately, the original turned into brown nothingness. Thus, I have to finish it using the images that I have in mind. I got the peel mostly done now, and now it misses some inside structures in the upper peel part and it misses the shadows in the lower peel part and the grey background that I want to add with some structure to make it more interesting. So we are getting there. And when done with it, then I want to do another sharp pencil emulated sketch. I love to do digital pencil sketches.

Anyhow: I write this text, sitting next to a little paper strip, that I dipped into my gardenia base trial yesterday afternoon. And it is quite amazing how powerful and intense the gardenia actually blooms on this paper strip. The first hour or two is not perfectly right, as mentioned before. But then, around 10-20 hours on the paper, I really love the spicy mushroom lactonic sweet gardenia perfume.

But like with the banana: The point is actually not to copy paste the gardenia scent. The point is more to reflect how I see gardenia and what I want to do with it. To be frank: I haven’t really figured that one out. I guess, I better get the gardenia BASE version 2 done and start  thinking about gardenia from there. The thinking, well,  I can do so while packing Kickstarter goodies. …. I printed all labels for the international Non US shipments and start writing little cards and putting all things into envelops.

Actually, this is a nice job. Shipping a lot of dark passages and soaps in the coming days 🙂