what's up?

rich days

Yesterday was a joyous day, rich and full. I was preparing the newsletter for the next scent in my tauerville collection, Vanilla flash. Today, right now, I pushed the bottom, with sweaty hand, sort of. One of the trial flacons that you see in today’s picture, sitting on my bench, goes to the “launch it, forget it” corner.

You can check the newsletter out here. I tried a new way of telling a story, short: Making an adobe voice video, integrated into the newsletter. I love story telling. You can watch it here (best is not to use Safari but chrome or firefox).

I also filled Le Maroc pour elle into bottles because I was down to zero bottles and having zero bottles in stock before leaving for the US gives me sweaty hands, too. Thus, the first and the last fragrance at the same day: Makes you think and compare. It’s been quite a ride from there to here. The bottomline for me was: tauerville is the next logical step. And Le maroc was the first logical (or should I say “emotional” ?) step.

To make a long story short. One of the best qualities for me, about tauerville, is: I can pick and place my scents. Place them there where I think they fit best. Following my instinct, and playing my cards on a growing table. And: I can play in tauerville, a bit more than I can here, on tauer perfumes. Playing means: Trying out new esthetics, complementary to Tauer Perfumes.

I was also biking up and down Zurich, under a bright sun, fetching some stuff that I need for the trip to the US. Like paper. To draw on, but also to visualize some creative perfume ideas that are lingering in the back of my head and that need some sorting out. The highlight of my trip to the US: Me meeting Antonia, running here Tigerlily store and boutique, for the first time, and many perfume loving friends in San Francisco, Saturday, April 18 at 5 pm. Can’t wait really. This is a first, too. There will not be much time for sightseeing in SF, and it wasn’t my goal. I basically just hop out of the plane on my way back to Zurich.

Back in Zurich, I will hope for the pollen load to have vanished. Yesterday, biking through town, was like, well: Fully loaded with what makes your eyes watery, your nose clogged and your lung stiff. I am not really (very much) allergic, but this year seems different. But that’s the yin and yang of spring.