what's up?


Here is another picture of an orchid that blooms in the house of tauer right now. The size of the flower is only around 1 cm and it is a bit of a weirdo orchid. It looks funny and the color is mostly brownish-green. I got it years ago in an exhibition as baby and after two, or three years it blooms every year in spring. During the summer I neglect it recklessly outside, in the shade and bring the orchid inside again in October/November. This is one of the yearly rituals around here, later in May, half of my orchids will get moved outside.

Another yearly ritual is my thinking about launches for early next year or end this year. I have a few possibilities, and am not decided, yet. But I think the rose, aldehydic, with an incense line, fine sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, hints of Jasmine and citrus, and much more woven into a light airy sparkling fabric, I think this is a good candidate. If I start thinking about it now, I might come to a decision in May and can start getting things ready for launch early next year. That sounds like a good plan. But I need to investigate concentrations again. I am not entirely convinced to do an eau de parfum here.  We will see. And I think it is time for another perfume in the classics range by the time I will be ready.

Another ritual will be missed. I will miss March’s posts on PerfumePosse.com . I can clearly see why, and I think it is  a wise decision of her, but her voice will be missed. March is cool and I hope to read from time to time a post, nevertheless.

Ah, and yes: The winners of the last draw got their mails. If you did not get a mail from me by now, then somebody else won. But another draw follows for sure.