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rose concrète and feeling fabulous

Today’s picture shows you a metal drum with rose concrète, 5oo gr, fresh from the fridge, hence the condensing water droplets on the outside. I store it in my fridge and before using it it has to come to room temperature. I do not use it for perfumes, really. It is too waxy. About 50% of its content is waxy matter that does not dissolve in ethanol and filtering it off from an ethanolic solution is really tricky. Hence, I use rose absolute: This is made by ethanol extraction of the concrète. The concrète is made by solvent (hexane for instance) extraction of rose petals.

Its scent? Right from the box you can smell a distinct solvent scent. You need to put some on paper to get the real quality of this reddish-orange wax. Heavenly. Much closer to rose than the absolute.

What did I do with it: I used it together with Jasmine absolute in my “majestic TUBEROSE” perfume in a soap that it is not available for sales (yet), but that will go to a shop soon, here in Switzerland. A story developing so to say….not mine, though. I am just supporting with… soaps!

So you see: I love this material, peeling some of this fragrant rose wax out with a spoon feels magically. Rose concrète makes you feel fabulous!

What also makes me feel fabulous: being out there, up there, without most of the noise of every day. I was up there, pretty much without any noise for three days. I just sooooooooo needed it.


sunset view from Alp Grüm

After Pitti, I was super busy, needed to get stuff out, and decided that I needed a break. Now, these days, in order to get  a break, I have to do the groundwork before: weekend shift. And little time to post here. Sorry.

Anyhow: I wanted this short break, and now, after it, it feels like a having taken a deep breath. Taking a deep breath is a good idea before starting another exciting venture. Next week will be exciting. Stay tuned!